Private Voice Lessons for the Pros – In Orlando & Online

Orlando Singing Lessons that Help You Unlock & Unleash Your Voice

We make singing lessons fun and engaging. Our private voice lessons help you learn how to sing in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, no matter what skill level you’re at presently.

Our passionate voice instructors teach the foundations of vocal technique and style. They also help you learn how to sing confidently.

When looking for a vocal coach, it’s important that you find someone who is comfortable with your style and techniques and stay with them.

There are many singing teachers that can assist you on your journey. We want to help you find the best one for you. Fill out theĀ Voice Lessons Form to tell us about yourself and we will connect you with the right coach for you (more details in the video below).

Private Voice Lessons in Orlando for All Skill Levels

Every singer is different, and we all start at different skill levels. Our group of vocal coaches can help singers of all skill levels. Below, we’ll give you an idea of how vocal lessons with students of different skills levels might look like.

Beginners Vocal Training

For these singers, lessons are often focused on the basics. Ensuring we’re matching pitch, learning proper breathing, and building solid resonance are some of the main focuses.

With beginners, we build the students voice from the ground up, helping them not just sound good, but understand how they got there. This will be done both through vocal warm ups and while working on songs.

Intermediate Vocal Lessons in Orlando

Intermediate vocalists already have a decent understanding of their voice, but are looking to make things even better.

During these lessons, the teacher will help build on the good habits the singer already has, and adjust what’s not serving them from a vocal technique perspective. Diving deeper into style is also done more regularly in intermediate singing lessons.

Often times lessons are split between singing exercises to help the singer build better vocal habits, and song work.

Private Singing Lessons for Advanced Singers

These are the people who already know they’re good, but also think there’s more out there. And odds are, you’re right.

Lessons with advanced singers are 100% tailored to their goals and needs. Most of the time, this means just minor tweaks in the voice that make a major difference in vocal stamina and presence. The devil is in the details.

Results vary quite a bit depending on what that singer is looking to accomplish. But often times more advanced students are able to expand range, increased stamina, and uncover their unique voice.

What a Typical Singing Lesson Looks Like

Almost always, lessons start with a warm up. Overall, these warm ups help us establish better singing habits. But in that lesson itself, it also carves a solid path of singing, making all other singing we do after that easier.

After that, we’re working on the song you brought with you. The focus could be on style, breathing, tone, phrasing, etc. Basically, we focus our work on adjusting whatever will help you sound your best!

I Want Vocal Lessons! What to Do Next…

We’re excited to help you develop your singing skills. We have a staff of coaches who all have different strengths and personalities. So do us a favor & fill out the Singing Lessons Form to tell us a little bit more about yourself, and we’ll connect you with the coach that is best for you!

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