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Hey Orlando! Ready for Voice Lessons That'll Level Up Your Singing?

Our Teachers Help You Become the Singer You Want to Be.

Everyone I work with wants to become a better singer, but that means something different to each of them. So first, my goal is to understand how you want to grow. Then, we can put together a plan that will help you become the singer you want to be.

The Method

During lessons, we won’t follow a generic curriculum, nor will I aimlessly take you through endless scales without a purpose. In our lessons, you’ll understand what we’re doing and why so that you can practice effectively outside of lessons.

With your vocal coach by your side acting as a guide, each week is another step in the direction of of helping you become the singer you want to be.

Ken's Staff of Expert Voice Teachers

Either Ken or one of his private singing instructors on staff would be happy to help you along your vocal journey. But first, you need to give us a feel for who you are, what you’re looking to accomplish, and how we can best help you. To do that, Fill Out the Vocal Lesson Application Form Here and we’ll help you find the voice coach that’s best for you!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

Want Other Vocal Options?

Private Voice Lessons

Want to take your voice to the next level? Private lessons are one of the best ways to do it. Available in Orlando or virtually. Fill Out the Form to apply & get more info.

Join the Group

Can't commit to coaching yet? No worries, I still want to help. Join my Growing Singers Group HERE for free pop-up video tips, motivation, & Q&A livestreams.

Who Benefits Most from Voice Lessons...

Lessons work best for those who have a deep passion for singing, have big goals to achieve, and are prepared to invest the time and energy needed to becoming the singer they want to be.

This includes people who are preparing for recording sessions, live performance, or big auditions.

Aspiring singers also can benefit from my personalized instruction, or may be a good fit for one of the other vocal coaches I have on staff. You don’t have to be an advanced singer to work with us. But passion, strong work ethic, and a big enough reason why are a must.

Who is NOT a Good Fit

It’s really important to me that whoever I work with gets a TON of value from our lessons. Below are a few beliefs, actions, or characteristics that make getting that value difficult.

People Too Busy to Practice Singing

People who are unable or unwilling to put in the time practicing what they’ve learned outside of lessons are mostly just not a good fit. It’s not impossible to improve through just lessons, it’s just hard to get results in a timely manner. Practicing saves us both time and ultimately helps you save money. To me, time is the more valuable asset.

Singers Who Struggle to Stay on Key

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’d love to help you! But people who struggle to stay on key would be better off developing that part of their instrument prior to working with me. There are many teachers who can help you just as much as I can – most for a much more affordable rate.

If this sounds like you, get this part of your voice handled and come back when you’re ready for more detailed instruction.

Those Looking for a Quick Fix - Not to Develop Their Knowledge

Finally, I’m not a good choice for people looking for quick and cheap fixes. Often times I can provide quick solutions that singers previously didn’t know existed. Bow existed. But it takes time and comut it takes time and commitment to develop any discipline.

Love him or hate him, when you watch Michael Jackson perform, you understand in an instant that he’s put thousands of hours into developing his skills. If you want to be the best (or at least really freaking good), it takes time and focus.

What Our Voice Lessons Clients Have to Say...

What Should I Expect from My First Vocal Lesson?

Your first singing lesson is a way for you and your vocal coach to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. The first lesson, or what we call an intro session, happens in two parts.

Part 1 - Get to Know Your Teacher & They Get to Know You

During the first part, I ask a lot of questions so that I understand who you are, what you’re looking to accomplish, and how I can best help.

Part 2 - Sing & Get Vocal Coach Guidance

In the second part of your lesson, you’ll be guided through some vocal warm ups and we’ll apply some of what you learned in whatever song you bring.

This first lesson is the same, regardless as to whether we do our intro session online, or in person at our location in Winter Park.

How Will Private Singing Lessons Help Me Long Term?

My vocal lessons are designed to help you become the singer you want to be. If you have a strong need to get something done now, we find solutions for you now. If not, the voice building journey typically goes something like this.

Voice Lessons Help Establish Vocal Technique

First, we solidify the foundational parts of your singing technique, helping you build confidence and freedom across your whole range. If your vocal range is limited, we’ll work on expanding it.

The majority of this work is done through vocal exercises, then applied to song. The amount of time spent on this can be quick, or take some time depending you your vocal habits and work ethic.

Lessons Uncover Your Unique Voice

Next, we’ll dive deep into how to become a more compelling singer. Music is emotion you can hear, and if you fail to make your listeners feel something, your song will fall upon deaf ears.

During this part of your training, we’ll chat about style and ways you can draw the listener in. But more importantly, we’ll help you find your authentic sound, making your singing more genuine and honest.

Vocal Training Develops Confidence in Singing

Another helpful thing we do in lessons is help you get comfortable with whatever scenario you’re stepping into. Singing is a great skill, but singing on stage or in a studio or in an audition comes with new skill sets. We want to make sure you share your skills with ease and confidence, helping you shine and produce the best result possible.

After this, if you choose to continue lessons, we just aim to hone our talent and become better and better. The more precise you are with your execution, the better and more potent your sound will be.

Singing Lessons in Orlando

My staff and I have returned to teaching in-person. However, availability is limited as we have downsized teaching space post pandemic.

Lessons are in Winter Park, FL, so if you’re interested in taking private singing lessons with me or one of my coaches, please fill out the singing lessons application form and we’ll connect you with the vocal instructor that’s right for you.

Areas Served

Winter Park Vocal Coach

Orlando Vocal Coach

Maitland Vocal Coach

Altamonte Springs Vocal Coach

Longwood Vocal Coach

Oviedo Vocal Coach

Skype Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons online are a great option for those wanting quality lessons from the comfort of their home. You could live in New York City, LA, Hawaii… anywhere! I’ve helped people from all over the world, and I can help you too!

Online lessons are virtually the same as in-person. No fancy equipment is needed. Most of my clients use their phones or iPads, and the quality is just fine. We mostly teach on Skype, but Zoom and Facetime are also options.

If you’re interested in taking singing lessons online, please fill out the voice lesson application form here to tell us more about you and we’ll connect you with the singing teacher that’s best for you!

FAQ about Singing Lessons Orlando

Taking lessons saves you time. It helps you avoid creating bad habits, and shows you how you can most quickly develop your skills.

Once you know how to use good breath control, access chest and head voice, expand your range, and have good pitch control while you sing, you enjoy singing the songs you love more. The more you love it, the better you get, the further you can go.

Learn more about lessons here.

The price of singing lessons can vary greatly depending on where you live and who you’re working with. The top voice coaches charge between $200-$500/hr+. A decent vocal coaching session in NYC is $100/session minimum.

The average cost for a voice teacher across the nation is $60/hr. I have a fantastic teacher or two that I’ve trained that are in that price point if you’re interested.

Vocal teachers help their students create better singing habits. But we can’t make you a good singer. Like any skill, the student must put in the time and effort to develop their skill.

A voice coach is a GPS, not an Uber. They can point you in the right direction, but you must travel the path.

To learn more about voice lessons in Orlando, click here

Prices vary quite a bit. I’ve seen as low as $30/session, and as much as $250/session. Mine are somewhere in the middle. If you’re interested lessons, fill out the form and we’ll connect you with the coach that is best for your goals, skill level, and budget.

Most knowledgable vocal coaches won’t accept students that are under 7 or 8 because their vocal cords haven’t even fully formed yet.

Beyond that, I’d argue that the best time to start taking lessons is when you’re ready to commit to results.

The best instructor in the world can barely help a student who is indifferent – even with weekly lessons. But when you’re passionate and eager to grow, vocal coaching can help you progress rapidly. It’s all about where you are, what you want, and how badly you want it.

I’m passionate about helping singers who sing basically any modern music and are preparing for the studio or gigging. I also help a fair amount of musical theater and stage performers.

However, I have other voice teachers who perform all over town in churches, musical theatre, and theme parks. These instructors enjoy teaching all sorts of different genres. So whatever you like, we have a vocal coach that can help.

No. There are many music studios out there that have music theory teachers, piano instructors, and violin students. There are music schools like this in most popular cities.

But, we focus only on voice because that’s what we know best. Said differently, we specialize in singing, so we only do singing lessons.

Yes. Personally, half of my private lessons over the past decade have been online.

Once the pandemic hit, I prepared my coaches to easily work through common issues associated with teaching voice lessons online. Since then, they’ve all thrived!

Truth is, most of my voice students decided to stay virtual once we opened back up because they’re just as effective and save them drive time.

Interested in private singing lessons online? Check out this page

It depends on who you are and who you’re working with. I’ve worked and mentored under some of the best vocal coaches on the planet, and ALL of them have a large amount of Skype students.

However, not every teacher or instructor understands how to teach well in a virtual setting. Some have the belief that vocal coaching online cannot work, which is hilarious to me, because literally all the best coaches in the world do it.

So long as you can sing in an uninhibited way, and your private singing lesson is with an instructor who is familiar and comfortable in a virtual environment, online lessons are absolutely worth it!