Private Voice Lessons for the Pros – In Orlando & Online

Hi! I'm Ken...

I’ve dedicated my life to helping others become the singer they’ve always wanted to be. 

My passion for singing began at age 11 when I first performed on stage. Knowing I wanted to pursue music, I got my bachelors degree in Vocal Performance. Since then, I’ve put in hundreds of mentoring hours under some of the best vocal coaches in the industry. I’ve taken this info, and solidified it through teaching 10,000+ lessons over the past 15 years.

Also, I’m blessed to be happily married to my beautiful wife Kirsten, and we have a sweet, elderly rescue dog named Fergie. 

IVTOM Event Ken & Kirsten
Ken and Brett

Beyond my family, the success of my clients is what I’m most proud of. Over the years, I’ve had clients who have graced the broadway stage, recorded amazing albums, build massive followings on the internet, and even gotten signed. While others still that have gotten the gig, the role, or simply the applause that they deserved for all their hard work.

15 Years







It’s been the mission of Kirsten and I to help all singers who have the desire and discipline to improve their voice. This passion has led us to building a free vocal training community, affordable Group Coaching Memberships, and, of course, providing 1-on-1 training to clients here in Orlando and around the world.


My Belief

I believe that with the right training, feedback, and consistent application, all singers can greatly improve their voice and reach their goals. And while the process isn’t always as simple as it originally seemed, discipline and tenacity inevitably will unlock the results you seek.