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Performing Christmas Music This Year? Please Read This First.

Picture Representing Christmas Music

Picture Representing Christmas MusicAs we approach the holiday season, we’re constantly around Christmas music, be it while we’re out shopping, during holiday programs, and even on the radio when out driving.

These are songs we’ve heard our whole lives, but often when we choose to sing along, the real meaning eludes us. Most of the time, we know what the song is about, but how often would you say you really have a deep connection with every song you’ve heard and sang for over a decade?

In my experience as a coach, the answer is not very often. And really, it’s not your fault. It’s human tendency that when we do something enough times, it becomes a habit, and we don’t think about it as much.

However, as a performer, this can be a very bad thing.

You see, all music tells a story and has meaning behind it. Ultimately, it’s our job as singers to tell that story and create an experience that’s in line with its meaning while doing so.

So how do we create that experience for our listeners?

You can only do that when you have a deep understanding of the story you’re telling and know what you want the listener to feel. When you’re in touch with the story and with the feeling it evokes, you become contagious.

So before you go out singing Christmas carols or any song you’ve sung over and over, I encourage you to take a moment to get back in touch with the real meaning of the song, and what feelings it’s supposed to evoke. Not only will you enjoy singing it more, but your listeners will enjoy your performance more as well.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas or wonderful holiday season, whatever your beliefs might be.

Happy Singing,

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