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Skype Singing Lessons with Coach Ken

Hey All,

Ken here. You’re here because you’re interested improving your voice through lessons. That’s awesome! I’m excited to learn more about you and share how I can help.

That said, I need you to do me a favor – Fill out the form below to give me a feel for who you are and how I can best help you. Once you’ve done this, I’ll take a look over it and suggest the best path for us to move forward.

FAQ about Private Online Singing Lessons

They almost always are. The exception is if the student has a poor ear (if so, see last question for clarity). Otherwise, lessons are nearly the same.

The biggest difference in virtual and in-person lessons is the time delay. Lessons on Zoom, Skype, or Facetime all have a small time delay from one end to the other. This isn’t a huge issue, but it does cause a couple of limitations that are easily overcome. 

First, I cannot play piano or guitar with you. This means you’ll have to sing scales a capella. If that proves difficult, I can always simplify those scales when necessary and send you recordings of the tougher scales to practice.

Secondly, thanks to that time delay, you’ll need to play accompaniment music on your end. That’s as simple as pulling out your phone and accessing a karaoke track on youtube.

Lastly, it’s rare but sometimes weather, construction or just bad luck cause issues with internet connections. If this happens, we’ll simply reschedule. 

A device with a camera and a mic (most phones, tablets, laptops or computers work just fine) and a high speed internet connection. If you’re on a newer phone, you’re likely fine on wifi. If on a computer, it’s preferred that your internet connection is hard wired for your lessons.

I used to teach exclusively on Skype, but have slowly been using Zoom more and more. Soon, if not now, all introductory lessons booked with me will be sent a Zoom link. After that though, I’m flexible. We can use Facetime, FB Messenger Video, Zoom, Discord, or Skype.

Absolutely. The traffic out here is terrible, and sometimes it’s easier not to deal with it. I’ve had clients do skype lessons regularly that are local, and some that just switch up in-person and virtual based upon their schedule. So yes, I’m happy to work with you virtually whether your 15 minutes or 1,500 miles away!

Well, it depends on what that looks like. If you just miss a note occasionally, I’d argue that’s usually due to technique issues more so than having a bad ear.

BUT, if you really struggle to match pitch, you probably would be better off hiring someone to help with that before working with me. I’d suggest putting up a flyer at your local college’s music department offering $25/hr for help with training your ear. 

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