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Got Questions? Ask A Vocal Coach…

Hey Everyone!

I had an absolutely crazy idea not too long ago when I was contemplating how I can accomplish my goal of helping as many people as possible… instead of me writing posts on what I think will be helpful (which I will continue to do occasionally), why not ask you what your main questions are about singing? Well, the idea simply won’t let me go, so I’m doing it (this will be on a separate website that will probably launch by fall of this year).

So here’s the deal…

In the comment section below, ask me a question about singing. If you have a question that’s very specific to your voice, you might send me a youtube video of you singing (not required, of course). I’ll only be able to answer SOME people’s questions, but I will try my best to do at least one a day.

Soon, I’ll be posting these questions and answers a website, so if you ask a question, know that it’ll be viewable for all to see (including the video if you add it). But for now, I’ll email you the answer, so be sure you give me your real email address or else you won’t get the response (the email won’t be viewable by others).

Oh yeah, and if you want to use an alias when asking your question, that’s fine too.

So ask your question below now! I look forward to helping you out individually!

Happy Singing!

UPDATE: Since I’ve started doing this, I’ve been slammed with tons of questions, which I think is kinda cool! But, it’s also a little overwhelming. So, if you would, please limit your inquiry to just one question. Also, you can check out answered questions on Thanks 🙂