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How to Breathe When Singing

This video is the perfect #throwbackthursday because it was the first video I did for singers over 3 years ago on the web. The video quality isn’t awesome, but the content is as relevant today as it was when I published it.

Truth is, most people make breathing from the diaphragm way more difficult than it has to be. This video covers some of the basics you should know about breathing as it’s related to singing.

Now if you have any more questions about how to breathe when singing, I’d be happy to help. You can learn more about lessons by checking out the lessons tab up top, or you can simply join my facebook and twitter and ask away. Can’t promise I’ll get to your questions immediately, but I promise I will get to it.

Hope this helps guys!

~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

ps – A quick reminder that it’s easy to work too hard during the breathing process. If you feel like you’re trying to hard or feel an uncomfortable amount of pressure underneath the vocal cords, then try to let more air out when you sing. It’s not a factor of building a tremendous amount of pressure, but more so to create a steady and consistent flow of air. That’s the whole purpose of breathing from the diaphragm.