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Voice Lessons via Webcam?

Need voice lessons, but don’t know who to take from in your area? Or, perhaps you were like me and had taken from many different people, but never found exactly what you were looking for. There are vocal coaches out there that can drastically make a difference in your voice, even if you’re already really good (I’ve been a professional singer since the age of 15 and I’m still learning!).

Sadly though, many people never find those teachers. Why? Well, frankly, it’s because if they’re that great, they’re probably teaching in a city where they can pull top dollar for their skills. Nashville, aka Music City, is certainly one of those cities and believe me, there are some great instructors there!

I have worked with many instructors in the Nashville area. Heck, I’ve even toyed with the idea of moving there myself. But, in the mean time I’ve put together a little informative site highlighting the Nashville Vocal Coaches I’d recommend. Each of the handful of instructors listed on this site I back whole heartedly, and each of them make themselves available to the world through webcam lessons.

View the instructors I suggested that teach Voice Lessons in Nashville. As a side note, these instructors are a little pricey, but they can accomplish in just a handful of lessons what it takes other teachers months or years to do. Furthermore, I find it important to state that I receive no compensation from these coaches for promoting them, so trust that they are legit and this isn’t someone trying to hustle you.

Of course, if you don’t have a $100/hr+ budget for lessons, I also fill the rare dead space in my schedule with webcam students. My lessons run $75/hr, but I also offer a rate of $250/month for 1 hour a week to consistent students. If you’re interested, simply post a comment to this article and I’ll get back with ya!

Well, I hope that you guys get the opportunity to work and grow with some of these phenomenal instructors.

Happy Singing!