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Question: How Can I Sing a G or Higher Without Yelling?

I’m a tenor, and I’m having trouble reaching a G above the staff on treble cleff. Any tips on how to sing that high or higher without actually screaming? Because the only way I can hit that note is by basically yelling.   ~ Juan

…Oh, the high G. That’s a problem EVER guy has to work out, my friend. I’d argue that G is the most difficult not for most men to sing.

The reason you’re having issues is your continuing to sing in chest voice up to that point instead of mixing. The mix voice is a combination of both the chest and head resonance spaces. It’s lighter feeling than chest voice, but can sound as full as chest voice. It’s also been referred to as the commercial voice, as it’s the voice that most commercial singers use.

I could explain more, but honestly, you probably don’t care as much about the physical understanding of what’s going on as you do about how to make that happen (but just in case, learn about mix voice here). Sooo, I wrote an article a while back about how to sing high notes. This article outlines a handful of different things that must be done in order to access that mix voice. You can check it out here.

Play with each of the aspects I outlined in this article and see if it helps.

Best of luck finding ease in that high G and beyond.

~ Ken