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Tips for Singing Auditions

Tips for Singing Auditions

Hello all! Lately I’ve had a ton of people preparing for singing auditions for various summer shows. This inspired me to share a handful of ideas that will hopefully help you and the rest of my readers have a more successful auditions.  So without further adieu, lets do it!

Always Show Up For Your Singing Audition Prepared

This seems really obvious to most everyone. If you’re going to an audition, you always want to prepare for it. But, how does one do that? Most importantly, you want to make sure that you know what’s expected of you. You should know whether to bring sheet music for their accompanist, or a track. Did they request you sing something from the show, or can you show off your voice with whatever song you choose (keep it genre specific)? Are you supposed to prepare 1 song, 2 songs, 16 bars, 2 mins, etc? How about a resume and headshot? These are all things you should take the time to find out before your vocal audition and most of it should be available on the flyer or website announcing the audition.

The reason I get so specific is theatres or individuals holding the auditions can see hundreds of people in a weekend and if you don’t show them enough respect to follow their guidelines, they likely will see you as unprepared and lets face it, NO ONE wants unprepared people in their cast. Other things you should do include showing up 10 minutes early and you want to be sure that you know your piece well enough that you can sing it at any tempo the accompanist chooses to play it.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

I can tell you from personal experience that the best singers don’t always get hired or cast. Most people think it’s because theatres play favorites, but I think more often than not it’s because some people are more reliable and enjoyable to work with.

That being said, when auditioning, you always want to be gracious, upbeat, and have a good attitude. Having a can do, enthusiastic attitude always beats out those who are likely to complain (or even worse, are complaining). So be gracious. Thank people for their time after they’ve heard you. Smile before and after your performance. Be excited to be there! These are all great qualities that the “judges” cannot help but notice, even if they act like they don’t (and they probably won’t).

Have Something About Your Dress that Sticks Out

Just like a pleasing personality, this little trick helps people (and judges) recognize and more easily identify you. If you wear a unique hat, a bright colored ribbon in your hair, a scarf… really anything that sticks out, people can’t help but notice and remember you.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Give up and go home. Ok, I’m totally kidding. Of course, try, try again. Let me share something with you that I tell all my vioce students.

You should never go into your first audition at a new place expecting a lead role.

I say this strictly because the director doesn’t know you. Being in a show is a huge responsibility, and honestly, it’s not something that everyone can handle.  Because of this, many directors absolutely will not cast someone they do not know in a lead position because it’s unclear as to whether or not they can depend on them. So, if you aren’t cast, don’t get down. But more importantly, if you get in the ensemble, do it and take it seriously. Show the director how reliable you are and how fun you can be to work with. This will help the director become more confident in your ability to sing the lead the next go around.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope that these tips help your audition go smoothly. Break a leg (unless you’re a dancer, of course!) and as always, happy singing!